Mood Maker!!

Get inspired or get knocked down, make your own mood with Mood Maker!!

Have a crappy job where no one appreciates you? Or are you in a terrible relationship that you just know will get better, but none of your stupid friends will support you? Take heart! "MoodMaker!!" will not judge you! Listen to words of encouragement and inspiration to get you through those tough times!

Or how about...
Are you a rich and powerful person? Or maybe a rock star? We all know you're surrounded by "yes" people sucking up to you. No one tells you the truth. Well, no worries! Our app will give it to you straight! We won't suck up to you and we don't even need your money because "MoodMaker!!" is free! Get your daily dose of reality and get back to Earth where you belong!

Features include:
  • 30 Positive phrases to encourage you!
  • 30 Negative phrases to ground you!
  • Graphically intense buttons! Green for a boost, red for a knock down!
  • Phrases are said by both female and male voices to suit your mood!
  • Hollywood-level voice acting to get you truly inspired or truly wretched...okay maybe amateur radio acting level...
  • No profanity! You can safely use our app in the workplace where you need it the most...
Note: App permissions are for displaying of ads only...we have to get paid please visit our sponsors!

Two versions to choose from:

Mood Maker!!

Ad supported so absolutely FREE!
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Mood Maker!! Gold

No ads and an extra 10 phrases!

Available for Android and Blackberry Playbook
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